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If you ever felt limited with Procreate while designing your Tattoo Designs you are in the right place.

Elevate the quality of your digital works with the help of all my Ready-to-Use Brushes.

With My procreate Bundle you will get access to everything you will ever need to make better Tattoo Design and to push even further mastering your Art.

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Introducing the Tattoo Studio Brush Set Bundle for Procreate, a comprehensive collection featuring 137 meticulously crafted brushes that encompass the diverse worlds of tattoo artistry, geometric patterns, dotwork and paint art. This bundle is your all-in-one toolkit to elevate your digital artistry to new heights, offering endless creative possibilities and serving as the perfect companion for tattoo artists, creators, and visionaries alike.
Within this versatile bundle, discover a curated selection of brushes inspired by the iconic style of Lily Lu. Dive into the mesmerizing world of Dotwork, where precision and detail create intricate designs that leave a lasting impression. Explore the elegance of Art Paint brushes, capturing the essence of real brushstrokes and paint artistry with each stroke. Embrace the authenticity of Tattoo Needle brushes, replicating the finesse and technique of real tattoo needles on your digital canvas.
Craft captivating tattoo designs, create intricate illustrations, and explore unconventional forms of artistic expression with these specialized brush sets. Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo artist, a digital creator, or a visionary looking to redefine the boundaries of your creativity, the Tattoo Studio Brush Set Bundle is your ultimate artistic companion.
Elevate your digital artistry, tell your stories, and transform your canvas into a living masterpiece with the Tattoo Studio Brush Set Bundle for Procreate.


137 Tattoo studio Brush set, ULTIMATE ProCreate bundle


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