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All-In-One Bundle

More than 1000+ Procreate Tattoo Brushes, Pattern tattoo, 3D Body Maps for Procreate


Award Winning Artist

Designs from a Tattoo Legend who got his Tattoo Work Published in Books and Magazines around the World

Easy Installation

Worldwide Download​

You can download all my procreate tattoo brushes tools anywhere and install them easily

procreate tattoo25 all i. one procreate bundle


Everything a Tattoo Artist Needs For Creating Digital Tattoo Designs With Tattoo Procreate Brushes

This Ultimate XL Bundle contains more than 1000+ Procreate tattoo brushes tools that are suitable for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an expert tattoo artist. Anyone can use the Procreate tattoo brushes set to design tattoo motives.

procreate tattoo25 all i. one procreate bundle

Digital Tattoo Design Made Easy with Procreate Brushes Tattoo

If you ever felt limited with Procreate tools while designing your Tattoo Designs you are in the right place.

Elevate the quality of your digital works with the help of all my `Ready-to-Use´ tattoo procreate brushes.

With my Tattoo Procreate Bundle set, you will gain access to everything you’ll ever need to create superior tattoo designs and further enhance your mastery of this art.

Create and Tattoo


Creative Tattoo Designs

With over 1000 professionally designed and ready-to-use tools for tattoo design. Moreover, this procreate tattoo brush bundle is the ultimate kit to start creating your own outstanding tattoo designs.

After an easy installation, you can use all my geometric patterns, mandala flowers, tattoo art brushes. Furthermore, you can also use  dotwork tools, tattoo needles, and Psycrit calligraphy letters to your tattoo art work.



Ultimate XL Bundle For Procreate Tattoo


This Ultimate XL Procreate tattoo brushes bundle tools offers more than 1000 professionally designed and ready-to-use Procreate brush tools. Furthermore, it makes for the perfect kit for any tattoo artist. Additionally, Lily Lu’s tattoo Procreate brush tools include premium brushes that faithfully mimic various tattoo techniques. Moreover, these tattoo brushes also offer abstract and artistic styles for modern designs, seamlessly integrating into your daily workflow.

Get everything you need to create stunning digital tattoos without worry. This includes ready-to-use mandala flower Procreate stencils, the ‘infamous’ Psycrit Calligraffiti letters, and 3D human models with color palettes and textures.




Import as Procreate Tattoo Brush sets into your Procreate App

Follow the Installation Guide and import each brush set into your Procreate app. Most importantly, all you need is your iPad, tablet, or any device with any installed Procreate version.

Simply download my `Ready-to-Use´ files on your device. Open the Procreate Brush Set File, and it will automatically install itself into your app. Then it will be instantly ready to use, like any other brushes you have in your app.


The Digital Way to Study Body Anatomy

My 3D body maps contain not only female and male body types but also transgender bodies. Furthermore, to make this Procreate body mapping more outstanding, every gender is available in different body shapes as well. Additionally, beside a slim body, it includes an average shape and also a slightly ‘fat’ human.

We offer all body types and body parts in three different skin colors. Additionally, as an extra feature, we’ve included ‘Black Tattooed Skin’ as one of the skin color options. This allows you to design white-on-black tattoo cover-ups or blast-over tattoos.


Tattoo Procreate Collection

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The biggest Procreate Tattoo Bundle Brushes set

The Full Tattoo Artist Procreate Bundle contains:

108 Mandala Flowers –
298 Clean Geometric Pattern –
40 Art Tattoo Brushes –
261 Geometric Wobble Pattern –
70 Psycrit Calligraffiti Letters –
289 Abstract Geometric Pattern –
69 Tattoo Needles Brushes –
40 Art Paint Brushes –
28 Dotwork Tattoo Brushes –
Full 3D Body Maping –



with ipad + procreate icon-image

Tattoo-procreate25 offers best Procreate tattoo brushes tools

Check out the procreate tattoo brushes and tools at Tattoo-procreate25 shop. German tattoo artist Lily Lu provides over 1,000 procreate tattoo brushes for tattoo artists. These tools assist in creating authentic pattern tattoos for both men and women. Tattoo-procreate25 offers various procreate tattoo patterns, such as Geometric, tattoo studio, mandala flower, Tattoo needles, tattoo dotwork, art paint, psycrit calligraffiti, 3D body map, and more. Visit Tattoo-procreate25 to access ultimate procreate brush tools.

Get 1000+ procreate tattoo sketch brushes at low price only 49€

Modern procreate tattoo artist Lily Lu, a world-class professional tattoo course teacher, offers an exclusive collection of 1000+ procreate tattoo sketch brushes at a very affordable low price. With over 20 years of experience, she has been dedicatedly serving the tattoo art industry. Her unique dedication and passion set her apart from others. Additionally, Lily Lu is the owner of Psy25 Calligraffiti Art Shop, where you can find calligraphy-designed clothing such as hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, tattoo merchandise, necklaces, patches, and more tattoo-related items. Moreover, she is a talented author with numerous books written for children and people of all classes. Upgrade yourself with modern trends by getting your desired brush tool for only €12 to 49€.

Enhancing Tattooing Skills with Procreate Tattoo Brushes tools

Procreate tattoo brushes from Tattoo-procreate25 effortlessly enhance the modern tattoo industry with unique designs. The collection, including an XL bundle or individual tools, offers over 1000 options to boost tattoo artists’ skills efficiently. Calligraffiti artist Lily Lu provides various affordable procreate patterns. These brushes not only improve skills but also enable customization for creating beautiful tattoos. In addition to detailed designs, Procreate brushes offer versatility, support digital practice, and provide instant feedback for quick improvements. Access to a community keeps artists updated, and a digital portfolio showcases their skills, attracting more clients. In short, Procreate brushes are essential for advancing tattooing skills.

Explore procreate tattoo brush bundle tools at the Tattoo-procreate25 shop

Lily Lu is one of the most renowned German tattoo artists with over two decades of experience. She is now an expert tattoo course teacher, award-winning filmmaker, author, and the owner of a tattoo workshop. Explore the Tattoo-procreate25 online store for brushes and tools, and find your desired tool bundles at low price. These tattoo brushes tools not only help you create modern tattoos in a short time but also come with an app compatible with laptops, iPads, and mobile devices for flexibility. These Procreate tools ensure the high efficiency of your tattooing art, making you adept at creating smart tattoos. Discover the latest Procreate tools with Lily Lu and become a master of tattooing.

How Procreate Tattoo Brushes Sets help Tattoo Artists

Tattoo-procreate25 offers online tattoo procreate brushes tools at affordable prices. These tattoo brush sets assist tattoo artists in creating authentic tattoos for their clients. As a tattoo art enthusiast, you can easily craft beautiful tattoo patterns and satisfy your clients. Moreover, the Tattoo-procreate25 shop features over 1000 brush sets, making it suitable for building new-generation tattoos. Visit the Tattoo-procreate25 online brush tools shop to quickly obtain your desired design tattoo. This Procreate online shop also provides a hassle-free shopping experience, offering you the freedom to purchase effortlessly.

Tattoo-procreate25, led by famous artist Lily Lu, has over 1000 Procreate tattoo brushes. These tools boost tattoo artists’ skills with versatility and precision. The shop is affordable, works with different devices, and offers an easy shopping experience, making it a great online resource for tattoo enthusiasts.