3D Body Maps


Transform your digital canvas into a masterpiece with our Full Body 3D Map, meticulously designed to serve as the ultimate human canvas for your artistic creations. This versatile tool provides a foundation for our Procreate brush, stencil, and PSYCRIT bundles, unlocking boundless possibilities for tattoo artists, creators, and visionaries.

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Elevate your digital artistry to new heights with our Full Body 3D Map, a meticulously crafted canvas designed to serve as the ultimate foundation for your creative visions. This versatile tool provides the perfect backdrop for our Procreate brush sets, stencils, and PSYCRIT font bundle, opening up a world of artistic possibilities for tattoo artists, creators, and visionaries.
This 3D map is more than just a canvas; it’s a playground for your imagination. Whether you’re a tattoo artist seeking to visualize your designs on a human canvas or a digital creator eager to explore new dimensions of expression, our Full Body 3D Map is your gateway to artistic innovation.
With its anatomical precision and attention to detail, this map provides the ideal surface for showcasing the beauty of our Procreate brush sets. Use it as a blank slate to bring your designs to life, experiment with our stencils to create intricate patterns, and let the enigmatic language of PSYCRIT font adorn the human form in ways previously unimagined.
Unlock the potential of your artistic creations, and let this Full Body 3D Map be the canvas for your dreams. Whether you’re crafting digital tattoos, designing captivating illustrations, or exploring unconventional artistry, this tool is your trusted companion on your journey to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. Embrace the possibilities, and transform your canvas into a living masterpiece.


3D body maps, ULTIMATE ProCreate bundle


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