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Explore the world of digital tattooing with our Tattoo Needle Procreate Brush Set, featuring 69 meticulously designed brushes. Paying homage to the iconic style of tattoo visionary Lily Lu, this collection offers a seamless transition from traditional to digital tattoo artistry.

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Step into the realm of tattoo artistry reimagined for the digital age with our Tattoo Needle Procreate Brush Set. Comprising 69 expertly crafted brushes, this collection embodies the essence of Lily Lu’s iconic tattoo style, offering both seasoned artists and newcomers a seamless bridge between traditional and digital tattooing.
Each brush in this set is a testament to the precision and artistry of real tattoo needles. From fine linework to bold shading, you’ll find the tools you need to replicate the intricacy of tattoo art on your digital canvas.
Lily Lu’s influence shines through in every stroke, as these brushes empower you to create tattoos that capture the raw beauty and creativity of her iconic style. Whether you’re a tattoo artist looking to expand your digital portfolio or a creative soul ready to venture into the world of tattoo artistry, our Tattoo Needle Procreate Brush Set is your ultimate companion.
With this set, you’re not just creating tattoos; you’re sculpting masterpieces that echo the spirit of tattooing’s modern visionary, Lily Lu. Explore the endless possibilities, bring your tattoo designs to life, and unlock a new dimension of artistry with our Tattoo Needle Procreate Brush Set.


137 Tattoo studio Brush set, ULTIMATE ProCreate bundle


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